The Pickmere Stud


Press Release

25th March 2002

Pickmere Stud has fully qualified A.I. Technician on site full time

The Pickmere Stud has become one of the first UK Pony Studs to have a fully qualified A.I. Technician on site full time. In 2001 The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) announced that they were to license appropriately trained people for the use of Artificial Insemination in horses. The farming industry has long employed trained A.I. Technicians for inseminating cattle but until now insemination of equines had to be done by a Veterinary Surgeon. DEFRA accordingly approved certain centres for training technicians one of which was the Twemlows Stallion Centre in Shropshire. We are delighted to announce that Pat Mather a Partner in The Pickmere Stud attended one of the first training courses and has passed both her written and practical exams becoming one of the first fully qualified DEFRA Approved A.I. Technicians.

This qualification benefits the stud in that we can now inseminate on site without the attendance of a Vet, although of course we will still be working closely with our Stud Vets Newcombe and East. Over the coming weeks the stud will be developing facilities for the evaluation and assessment of semen and details of these will be posted on our website in due course. The stud already has its own collection and chilling facilities and Pats new qualification only enhances the service we can give clients via A.I.

Pickmere has thirty years' experience of show animals, during the last thirteen years the partnership of Pat Mather and John Keleher has made it one of the U.K.'s top showing studs.

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