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Press Release

24th January 2009

What to do in a recession?

(Apart from waiting for the next series of Strictly Come Dancing!)

Now, now, don’t throw your hands in the air, all aghast, just sit back and think about this logically. So interest rates are at an all time low, stock markets are crashing, and your financial advisor has just entered a monastery! What you should do is stick to what you know best, if that’s horses or ponies then now’s the time to seriously think about investing in breeding or buying youngstock. Experts (if you still believe there are any) predict that the bad times will last another 18-24 months, so if you act now you could well have the stock waiting for that feel good bounce factor that will inevitably kick in when things improve. By investing some funds now in what you know best you could be looking at a possible return of 30-50% in two years. That’s not bad even if there wasn’t a recession!

So while you are thinking about that (and playing re-runs of Tom and Camilla’s Show Dance!) allow me to present to you this years list of professional boys who are just waiting to be introduced to your celebrity mares.

Strinesdale Matador: Mattie regrets that he has had to hang up his dancing plates, too many Tango’s with mean and moody mares have taken their toll and he must now restrict his activities to a few exhibition dances with his favourite girls from Pickmere and Rotherwood. He will however still be here to no doubt judge the performances of our other lads and I know they are all dreading the sound of ‘Sevennnn’ issuing from his box.

Pickmere Sirocco: In the same height category as Mat young Ronnie is starting to make his mark with some lovely foals and a Reserve National Champion at last year’s foal show. He’ll whisk his mares off into the Argentine Tango or the Foxtrot, they will not be able to resist his charms.

Pickmere Kismet: Our old Gentleman is ready, willing and able to Waltz his way through the season and with winners in nearly every category why look further for the ultimate dual purpose 15.2h

Pickmere Night Hawk: Of course though you could consider Kismet‘s 15.2 son, a proven Show Jumper and talented Dressage horse his charisma and strength will wow your mare, he would definitely be a candidate for the American Smooth.

Pickmere Mistral: This 15h son of Matador has long laboured willingly in his father’s large shadow, but when you see his footwork in the Paso Doble I am sure that this year he will get the audience vote.

Rotherwood Toy Symphony: Last but certainly not least this 12.2 son of R. Peter Pan has really been producing the goods, county winners and one of the highest priced part breds at last years Fayre Oaks Sales. He definitely will knock your socks off with his Jive and stun you with his Quickstep!

So if any of our professional boys take your fancy you can find their full details on our website – and we are of course always happy to chat to you about them or show them to you. Also for the 2009 season we will be offering a 10% discount on the whole bill to previous and existing clients coupled with options such as either No foal Free Return or No Foal No Fee to make life simpler for you.

Or of course you could buy!

Apologies to those of you who are not ‘Strictly’ fans however you will find that all of our youngstock have the X-Factor. So if you are not sure you want to breed but fancy following our free investment advice (!) then why not give us a call about our top quality youngstock. We have a range of ages and heights mostly by the above Stallions but with one or two selected out crosses as well, these youngsters are in various stages of production and will be priced accordingly, with prices starting at £750. Not all our youngsters currently appear on our website so it is best to give us a call to see what we might have to suit.

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Pickmere has thirty years' experience of show animals, during the last thirteen years the partnership of Pat Mather and John Keleher has made it one of the U.K.'s top showing studs.

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